“Healthy Candy?”

Imagine being able to suck on a lollipop to benefit your teeth! Imaging a candy approved by your dentist ! A UCLA research team (with Chinese collaboration) has developed a licorice candy which actually destroys the bacteria in your mouth responsible for cavities and tooth decay – without disrupting the healthy, digestive bacteria. Sound amazing? It just might be the future! Glycyrrhiza uralensis is the magic behind this development, an … Continue reading “Healthy Candy?”

“Where is Your Tooth #8?”

Do you know the names and numbers of your teeth? Can you only say “The pointy one in the top right side!” Let’s get to know your teeth better here; it will make you a better communicator with your dental professional – you’ll even be able to pinpoint specific teeth over the phone! The universal numbering system, pictured above, identifies each tooth in a person’s … Continue reading “Where is Your Tooth #8?”

“Fluoride? Good or bad?”

Fluoride treatment is effective with preventing cavities and tooth decay. As a dentist, this is what I have recommended to people who I see can benefit from fluoride treatment’s ability to remineralize and desensitize your teeth. However, I must confess there is risk involved with using fluoride due to its potentially damaging systematic effects. Fluorine, the ionized form of fluoride is highly active to phosphate ions … Continue reading “Fluoride? Good or bad?”

“Autistic Children and Braces?”

Looking at CJ’s handsome face (and adorable smile), I felt blessed to be working with CJ and his loving family, finishing his braces. CJ is one of only 0.07% of children in the world diagnosed with autism. Parents of autistic children are often perplexed by the multitudes of information they receive regarding how to best care for their child’s health. Dental care in autistic children … Continue reading “Autistic Children and Braces?”

“Can My Dentist Alleviate Sleep Apnea?”

Have you ever woken up feeling tired? Have you ever fallen asleep while driving? Even if you went to sleep early last night? Do you snore? Sleep apnea could be playing a role. There are countless undiagnosed and untreated cases of sleep apnea in our society (which have been linked to car accidents and machinery accidents from sufferers of sleep apnea, causing operator error). The … Continue reading “Can My Dentist Alleviate Sleep Apnea?”

“What Toothbrush Should I Get?”

The toothbrush is, of course, an essential tool for keeping your teeth clean and plaque-free, but there are many types of toothbrushes available for use. The structure of your mouth is very intricate, including soft gum tissue, hard enamel, various crevices and spaces where food can hide, etc – and every person’s mouth is different, and responds differently to various types of brushes. How do … Continue reading “What Toothbrush Should I Get?”

“No Drill Dentistry?”

“No more drill?” was an exciting news headliner in May of 1997, implying that with Er:YAG dental lasers, drills were no longer necessary for treating cavities! A decade later, we can re-evaluate or validate the pros and cons of cavity treatment with dental lasers. In recent years, lasers have been utilized for providing precise, less-painful, clean and miraculous medical and dental procedures. In dentistry, various treatments on … Continue reading “No Drill Dentistry?”

“Will the Toothache Just Disappear?”

It really sounded like wishful thinking, but it’s true that sometimes tooth discomfort does go away on its own. Tooth sensitivity is a problem that many, many people suffer from caused by a multitude of reasons – but does it merit a visit to your dentist? Yes, it is in your best interest to receive a proper diagnosis. This will allow you to make an educated … Continue reading “Will the Toothache Just Disappear?”