“Is an Amalgam Filling Safe?”

“Can I get rid of my black fillings?” This question will only come from people born before Generation Y (after which has only received white composite fillings). Dental amalgam is a silvery dental restorative material most widely used for filling cavities up until the end of Generation X, which is made by mixing mercury (about 50%) with a metallic alloy powder (silver, tin, copper). Over … Continue reading “Is an Amalgam Filling Safe?”

“How Do I Keep My Tooth Brush Clean?”

We all clean our teeth with tooth brushes, but how do you clean the tooth brush that cleans your teeth? Tooth brushes get used cleaning your teeth at least two time daily, and we should all be using toothpaste and water with our brushing. Afterward, we rinse our mouth out and clean our toothbrush under running tap water,  shaking off any excess water and then … Continue reading “How Do I Keep My Tooth Brush Clean?”

“Why Is My Tongue Black?!”

Have you ever felt sick, taken some Pepto Bismol and then a while later, had a black tongue? You may be thinking you’ve eaten something strange, or that you are having an allergic reaction! This is actually not a rare side effect of Pepto Bismol however – read on to find out why your tongue is black! Numerous brands of nausea medication, including Pepto Bismol, … Continue reading “Why Is My Tongue Black?!”

“What Is Smile Design?”

When you smile, the corners of the mouth upturn, eyes begin twinkling and positive emotion radiates. A person’s smile is a pleasant, agreeable part of their appearance and facial characteristics; a person’s smile is the window to their heart! Dental components like teeth and gum do play an important role in a smile. In today’s society, if a person’s dental components are not healthy or … Continue reading “What Is Smile Design?”

“Do I Need A Root Canal?”

Mark came in with a severe tooth ache, and after an examination, I could see the tooth was severely broken down. The basic options were to either save the tooth – going through root canal therapy and finishing with a post and crown restoration, or to remove the tooth and restore with a dental implant and crown. “Should I save my tooth, or should I … Continue reading “Do I Need A Root Canal?”

“Do I Need Laughing Gas?”

“May I have some laughing gas please?” This is a popular request among the “high anxiety” group. Nitrous oxide gas (nitrous oxide and oxygen (N20-02)) is affectionately known as “laughing gas” due to its euphoric qualities when inhaled. Discovered in 1772 by Humphrey Davy, he had this to say about its effects: “On the day when the inflammation was the most troublesome, I breathed three large doses of … Continue reading “Do I Need Laughing Gas?”

“Is My Diet Soda an Addiction?”

Most people are well aware of soda’s detrimental effects on the teeth (including erosion and bone loss) – but it also is addictive? The allure of diet soda is obvious for people who are conscious about their figure: it tastes great, it’s refreshing, and has few or no calories.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize how dangerous the other ingredients in soda really are, even with no … Continue reading “Is My Diet Soda an Addiction?”

“What About Sports and Mouth Guards?”

If you’re an athlete, you should wear a mouth guard. No matter what type of contact sport is at hand, sports-related dental injuries are extremely common, accounting for more than 600,000 emergency room visits each year alone! Chipped and broken teeth, jaw bone injuries and concussions to the brain are just a few of the many serious injuries athletes face which can be prevented with … Continue reading “What About Sports and Mouth Guards?”

“Numb and Number, Please?”

“Doc, can I have more Novocaine? I don’t feel very numb.” It is nice to feel numb before dental surgeries! Have you ever been in a situation in which you had difficulty getting numb? Local anesthetic is effective in most situations, however approximately 15% of dental patients experience a partial or total lack of numbness after receiving anesthesia injections. This phenomenon usually occurs in the … Continue reading “Numb and Number, Please?”