“Can ALF Replace Braces?”

The ALF Appliance (Alternative Lightwire Functional Appliance) uses a thin flexible and springy wire positioned on the inner side of dental arches. It is comfortable to wear, does not interfere with speech. ALF integrates cranial mobility, stimulates facial and jaw bone growth and develops teeth alignment.

The ALF appliance creates a light amount of pressure and stimulation of outward and larger jaw development. This increases the volume of the oral cavity, allowing for better tongue posture, which  promotes better swallowing, breathing, speech and sleep.

Treatment times vary widely, anywhere 3 months to 3 years, depending on case complexity. The ALF Appliance can be used for patients of all ages, from 5 up to mature adults.

  1. Promote development of the mouth and jaw to its ideal and ultimate dimension
  2. Expand upper and lower dental arches for teeth to come in straight naturally
  3. Increase oral space for the tongue for proper posture, speech and swallow
  4. Decrease need for complex orthodontic treatment
  5. Improve airway volume for easier and healthier nasal breathing (less constriction)
  6. Improve better bite and chewing function
  7. Promote better sleep
  8. Decrease TMJ disorder and bruxism
  9. Improve sinus health
  10. Improve overall posture and balance of facial structure

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