“What is Spa Dentistry?”

Going to the dentist can be fun and exciting!

Many patients look forward to coming into their dentist’s office to take care of their dental work, but some dental practices take into account the patient’s entire well-being. Yes, we are talking about providing a spa-like environment in the dental office.

The concept behind Spa Dentistry is to build a relaxing, cleansing and recharging dental environment in which a patient can feel safe and comfortable, leaving the office feeling recharged, not drained of energy. Providing a spa-like environment for a patient means not only catering to the mouth, but treating the whole person both physically and psychologically. Apart from attitude, how can this be achieved? Personal services and thoughtful touches to a patient’s treatment environment complimented by a caring, educated and well-trained staff. Services such as reflexology (zone therapy), aromatherapy, movie glasses and noise-canceling headphones (with a full iPod music library), food and drink menu service (including teas and smoothies) and concierge services work together to create a harmonious, energizing environment for the body and mind.

At my practice for example, our famous strawberry smoothies serve several purposes! The cool taste and smooth texture helps alleviate possible discomfort and soreness from work through which we have just put the oral cavity. Its delicious taste will neutralize any lingering taste of dental products used in the oral environment. Also, the immediate energizer (and mood elevator) in a smoothie is really great for those whose mouth has been numbed. When combined with a caring dentist with the right service attitude, little touches like this in spa dentistry combine to create a healthy, comfortable and enriching experience.

I am grateful to work with a wonderful team that has the same caring and “full of life” attitude that embodies this concept of spa dentistry. Relaxing smells, music and laughter make coming to work like going to the spa – even though we are the care takers! Love is in the air, which really makes all the difference.

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