“What Is Smile Design?”

When you smile, the corners of the mouth upturn, eyes begin twinkling and positive emotion radiates. A person’s smile is a pleasant, agreeable part of their appearance and facial characteristics; a person’s smile is the window to their heart!

Audrey-Hepburn-SmileDental components like teeth and gum do play an important role in a smile. In today’s society, if a person’s dental components are not healthy or if they do not look right, most will feel far less confident to smile. As cosmetic dentistry has come into a heavier demand in recent years, smile design has become a term used for various clinical treatment plans and for aesthetic  improvement. This means smile design: projecting an enhanced smile through alteration of dental components as a practice of cosmetic dentistry. This is a type of comprehensive oral care that combines art and science to greatly improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile, as well as its health and function.

Proper smile design starts with a facial analysis, when the line between the pupils and the horizontal line from the connecting edges of your upper teeth (smile line) are [hopefully] in parallel harmony; the smile line should also harmonize with the upper curvature of the lower lip. Then we evaluate the color, size and alignment of the dental compound, whether it is somewhat in the right places and proportional in relation with the face.

Some of the most common cosmetic procedures include tooth bleaching (or whitening) which enhances the color appearance of your teeth, bonding and veneers or porcelain crowns(which can enhance the outward appearance of a tooth’s color or shape), and gum work (like a gingival plasty, gum contouring or crown lengthening) to harmonize with teeth. Straightening of teeth through adult orthodontics are also a part of cosmetic smile design – not only for improvement of the smile, but  to set up a healthier foundation for other cosmetic procedures (or simply to make the mouth easier to clean and maintain).

Laser dentistry is very complimentary to cosmetic dentistry. Laser smile design not only makes common procedures like teeth whitening and gum contouring quick and painless, but because of the laser’s highly focused energy path, very little tissue around the site is disturbed. Procedures are very non-invasive.

Ultimately, cosmetic dentistry and laser smile design could be a great investment if you are not comfortable with your smile or the condition of your teeth (especially if they are worn or broken down, requiring rehablitation or reconstruction). Once you present a confident and happy smile, people will smile back at you and many windows and opportunity will open! Give thought to whether it’s time to have a smile analysis and smile design performed by your dental professional. If you need to find out more about cosmetic dentistry, www.aacd.com can be a referral source.

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