“Can ALF Replace Braces?”

The ALF Appliance (Alternative Lightwire Functional Appliance) uses a thin flexible and springy wire positioned on the inner side of dental arches. It is comfortable to wear, does not interfere with speech. ALF integrates cranial mobility, stimulates facial and jaw bone growth and develops teeth alignment. The ALF appliance creates a light amount of pressure and stimulation of outward and larger jaw development. This increases … Continue reading “Can ALF Replace Braces?”

“How Can I Treat My Missing Tooth?”

It’s exciting when you are loosing your baby teeth and welcoming in your permanent adult teeth, but that should be the end of a person’s tooth loss! For the majority of us, we need 28 teeth to support our facialmuscular system. If one tooth is missing, it could lead to a physiological domino effect, in which a simple problem becomes exacerbated. A missing front tooth is … Continue reading “How Can I Treat My Missing Tooth?”

“What About Eating Disorders?”

“I am scared! Am I going to loose my teeth?” I looked at Jenny, as I have with many similar pretty young ladies, and I really felt for her. Among the susceptible figure-conscious young female group, especially in Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris, eating disorders are quite common, and teeth erosion is a side effect of the acidic oral environment resulting from either … Continue reading “What About Eating Disorders?”

“Is Soda Bad For My Teeth?”

While blogging a few days ago on my last entry regarding eating disorders (and hearing the news about “Mountain Dew Syndrome“) I was prompted to discuss how dietary influences affect teeth erosion, which is often overlooked until the detrimental damage has been done – and affects your life! Yes, all soft drinks (including regular and diet soda, lemonade) and even pickles and salad dressing are acidic, which can … Continue reading “Is Soda Bad For My Teeth?”

“What is Spa Dentistry?”

Going to the dentist can be fun and exciting! Many patients look forward to coming into their dentist’s office to take care of their dental work, but some dental practices take into account the patient’s entire well-being. Yes, we are talking about providing a spa-like environment in the dental office. The concept behind Spa Dentistry is to build a relaxing, cleansing and recharging dental environment … Continue reading “What is Spa Dentistry?”

“Can Mouthwash Cause Cancer?”

Over the counter mouthwash only temporarily masks your bad breath, but the alcohol contained in the mouthwash will dry your mouth out and eventually make your breath worse. Recent studies however have mentioned mouthwash and its potential link to cancer – scary! Most mouthwash brands contain alcohol in their mouthwash formula. Rinsing your oral environment with any alcoholic substances make it easier for cancer-causing chemicals … Continue reading “Can Mouthwash Cause Cancer?”

“Wisdom Teeth – Save or Extract?”

Only one out of every 25 people get to keep all 32 teeth to chew our food; most of us end up with only 28, and a story to tell about our wisdom teeth! Anthropologists and evolutionary biologists think the wisdom teeth have become non-functional due to evolution: we do not have the same diet of coarse, rough food that our ancestors did, who had larger … Continue reading “Wisdom Teeth – Save or Extract?”

“How Do I Get Kissable Breath?”

Halitosis, or bad breath can affect a person’s self-confidence, self-esteem and can be downright embarrassing. Because most people are accustomed to their own smell, it could be difficult to tell if you have bad breath without someone else’s help. Volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) are usually the cause of bad breath, which are created when you eat and chew food, when proteins are broken down into … Continue reading “How Do I Get Kissable Breath?”